The India Fiji Friendship Forum aims to bring the spirit of togetherness between Fiji and India, that have strong cultural links between communities for unity, peace and love.

Organizations we work with

Events Organized
Guests & Members

Office Bearers

Sanjay Ambasht
Sumanta Rout
Sandeep Kumar
Abhay Nand
Indu Chandra
Francis Dsouza
Committee Member
Arif Shaik
Committee Member
Rajendra Prasad
Committee Member
Harsad Khatri
Vice President
Daljeet Maharaj
Assistant Secretary
Nikunj Vaghela
Assistant Treasurer
Anil Chawla
Bachu Bhai Patel
Akhilesh Prasad
Committee Member
Amit Chand
Committee Member
Shyamla Chand
Committee Member
  • To strengthen friendly relations between people of Fiji and India;
  • To promote cultural, educational activities aiming to strengthen the ties of people in India and Fiji;
  • To hold workshops, seminars and other professional development programs and providing scholarships to students and people interested in educational activities;
  • To preserve and enhance traditional and cultural values;
  • To make representation on behalf of the Forum on all matters relating to wellbeing and educational welfare of people of Fiji;
  • To borrow and raise money in such a manner as the Forum may think and decide fit and proper;
  • To accept or give any gift or property whether subject to trust or not for any one of the mentioned objects of this Forum;
  • To conduct and perform all acts and deeds such as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Forum;
  • To strengthen relationship with India and Fiji;
  • To carry out activities to promote shared history, language and culture;
  • To celebrate festivals and events to promote relationship and friendship between both countries;
  • To undertake social and cultural projects and events benefit of community in large in Fiji;
  • To organize national and international conferences symposia, public lecture, workshop, seminars and any other events for sharing knowledge between the two countries;
  • To generate keep and utilize funds for promoting above activities;
  • To work for promoting goodwill and brotherhood among a various religious and authentic communities;
  • To purchase and upkeep assets and properties movable and immovable for above said purposes;
  • To develop resources and professionals to achieve forum’s adjectives;
  • To facilitate visits of eminent personalities and dignitaries between the two countries;
  • To facilitate & enhance academic and cultural exchange between schools and universities and other institutions working in both the countries;
  • And the Forum can review and expand its objectives to take any work to further its objective.
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