Strengthening Relations

Fostering bilateral relations between Fiji and India


We are a charity. As said, we are a non-profit organization. We are a peacemaker and helper. We bring the spirit of togetherness that has strong cultural links between communities for unity, peace and love.

Some objectives of our association are:

  • Strengthen friendly relations between people of Fiji and India
  • Promote cultural, educational activities aiming to strengthen the ties of people in Fiji and India
  • Organize sectoral forums that enable a better understanding of the expanding economic relations between Fiji and India


Our quarterly publication disseminates information on the cooperation between Fiji and India, at the same time, enable the youths to enhance their knowledge on Hindi language and appreciation of cultural values

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We need you and your help

It’s impossible for us to accomplish our objectives without you. We always need members who love to help the society.

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